EB-1 (a) (Aliens with Extraordinary Ability)

This type of visa does not require an employer or sponsor, and allows obtaining permanent residence, Green card, for the beneficiary, spouse and unmarried minor children. Applies to individuals who possess and can demonstrate extraordinary abilities in a professional, sporting or artistic field.

To demonstrate that you have extraordinary ability it is necessary to meet at least three of the following ten requirements:

  • Have received any national or international award for excellence in your professional field.
  • To be a member of an association that requires extraordinary achievements to be able to belong to it.
  • Publications related to your professional field about you in the press or professional media.
  • Having participated as a judge in an event related to your profession to judge the work of your colleagues.
  • Have made significant contributions in the scientific, academic or business fields.
  • Having been the author of academic articles in professional publications or mass media.
  • That your work or works of art have been exhibited in artistic exhibitions.
  • Have had a very important or leadership role in organizations with a distinguished reputation.
  • Have received or will receive a salary or other remuneration that is high compared to your colleagues in the same field.
  • Have had commercial success in the performing arts.
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