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The most promising careers in Latin America

Are such as environmental engineering, computing, telematics, robotics, software developers and medical part shows interesting growth in professions such as nursing, biotechnologists, or occupational therapists, medical and specialized surgery. On the side of the business side and marketing will be more easily selected candidates with specialties in SEO and community managers.

Major races in the US

They are application developers, petroleum engineers, database administrator, web designer, specialist training and professional development. In this country it is essential to handle a high level of English, otherwise be very difficult to put in the labor market.

There must be proper alignment between what the market offers and career or specialization you choose, for more work experience, for example, there is little correlation between what Latin America offers and career choices of young people, most of whom choose degrees as law, psychology, management, architecture, communication, tourism, these races, although they are not inadequate must be accompanied by a specialty or graduate to excel overseas labor market.

Career selection is a very important in the life of the youth of our country decision contributes directly to the development of the Mexican companies have committed to creating more employment opportunities to attract, select and hire the best talent human.

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