Types of jobs and visas in the United States


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US allows each year thousands of foreigners entering the country to work legally in a wide variety of professions and occupations.

This right is granted by more than twenty different work visas, which can be permanent or temporary. In the latter case , the holder must renew , change their immigration status or leave the country once their visa expire.

Permanent visas: (green card, also known as green card)

People with extraordinary abilities can apply for an EB- 1 visa. Applies to athletes, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs and renowned artists such as the winners of a Nobel Prize or an Olympic medal.

These people can apply for the visa themselves filling out the form I-140 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS , for its acronym in English ). University professors, researchers, multinational executives, people with completed doctoral studies or graduates with at least five years of work experience, athletes, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs with exceptional abilities can get a permanent work visa EB -2.

Unlike EB -1 , EB -2 visas require that the request is made ​​by a US employer. That is, it requires the prior existence of a concrete job offer. In addition, it is necessary to obtain an individual labor certification from the United States Department of Labor.

The only exception to this certification is to prove to the USCIS that has special ability that can promote national interests of the United States.

Likewise, they can also obtain a permanent work visa in this case an EB- 3 professionals with university education, workers with special skills with at least two years of experience or training or even workers without special skills.


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