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Specialists long ago they found that latinos residing in the United States have altogether a longer life expectancy than non-Hispanic white citizens.

It is what is known as the “Hispanic paradox” and has been demonstrated in a recent study by the Center for Control and prevention of diseases of the USA (CDC), the more comprehensive the health of Latino citizens carried out to date by the Agency.

According to the conclusions of the investigation of the CDC, the life expectancy of Hispanics – who are the main minority in the country, accounting for around 17% of the population – is two years higher than non-Hispanic whites.

In addition, latinos have mortality rates lower in seven of the 10 leading causes of death in the country, despite the fact that they are two times more likely to live below the poverty line and three times more than lack of health insurance as whites.

Experts attributed the “Hispanic paradox” to various factors, such as youth and better health of those who migrate from Latin America to USA, lower smoking rates and a more healthy diet, at least in the early years in living them in the country.

Some specialists also believe that closer family ties that remain in the Hispanic community, contribute to that latinos have a better state of health, particularly in what refers to mental illness.


“In this study there are good and bad news for Hispanics ,” he says in conversation with BBC World Dr. Anne Penman -Aguilar , one of the responsible for the investigation of CDC. ” On the one hand Hispanics have lower mortality rates in seven of the 10 leading causes of death in the country , but also die at higher rates from diseases such as diabetes and chronic liver problems .

They also have higher indices obesity. ” Penman -Aguilar notes that despite their best health , Hispanics face many challenges in the US when receiving the medical care they need , because of their lower socioeconomic status .

The expert also noted that ” the health of Hispanic immigrants who moved to the US since its compared to Latinos second or third generation countries is better. “

Those who were born here suffer more obesity , high blood pressure , smoking , cardiovascular disease and cancer, while those born abroad have a higher cholesterol, ” he says. Penman -Aguilar believes that the highest rates of obesity can be attributed to low-income people in the US tend to live in neighborhoods where they have less access to healthy foods like fruits or vegetables.

It’s what Alex Ortega , professor of public health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA , for its acronym in English ) , called ” food deserts” .


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