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The contributions of Hispanics in the US are multiple: cultural, territorial, economic, historical … and the engine of a true demographic revolution. But before commenting you have to start with the basics.

¿Latinos or Hispanics?

Except in very specific cases, the two words are the same. But in some parts of the US prefer to use hispanics (East Coast, for example) and in others prefer the term Latino.

Who we are Hispanic / Latino?

We are an ethnic group. That is, not correponde with any particular breed. We can be indigenous to the Americas, blacks, Caucasians, Asians and any mixture of races.

Although the majority is Catholic, actually it may belong to any religion … or not.

You can speak Spanish … or not. Many of Hispanics born in the US have problems with their Spanish or in the case of grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. of migrants, their knowledge of the language of their ancestors can be null. For example, the case of the Castro brothers (Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio and now Secretary of Housing and Urban Development).

Or you can speak one of the indigenous languages ​​of Lationoamérica. In fact, there are significant populations in states like California where Central American languages ​​or southern Mexico and learn new language spoken is English, bypassing the Spanish. (In recognition of these languages, the Department of Motor Vehicles allows examined for California driver’s license in some of these indigenous languages ​​such as Mixtec or Triqui).

Or you can speak Portuguese as their mother tongue, as the Brazilians themselves are considered Latinos (though not Portuguese).

So how do you know if a person is Latino / Hispanic ?

For thus defined itself in the census because that person or one of his ancestors who comes from a country in Latin America , including Brazil, Caribbean or Hispanic or Spain (but not in Portugal). While this is not a rule that applies to all organizations, since some exclude others include Brazil and Portugal. Hispanic plead not exclude identified , while partially as a member of another group , such as Caucasian or African American . And of course , there is also the option of declaring simply as “American”


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