The story goes that the Thanksgiving day starts when the pilgrims (Pilgrims) Plymouth Rock landed December 11, 1620. The first winter was very tough for them. But the following fall, they got a good harvest of the seeds they planted. They decided to celebrate with a great dinner, including the Indians who had helped them survive the first year.

The Thanksgiving of (Thanks Giving Day) is a traditional celebration in the United States, being held today Thursday, November 26, 2015.

In the United States held the fourth Thursday of November, on the other hand in Canada, is held the second Monday of October.

Traditionally in this holiday friends and family gather around a table to share a feast, whose main dishes are by tradition a Roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, served in a variety of forms, peas and homemade muffins.

On this date many stores and shops are closed, but next to the party Friday, it officially begins the holiday shopping season, being this day commonly known as Friday black, where most of the stores offer their products at prices thus causing a great interest from the public, those who come in the early hours of the day to make long rows to take advantage of the bargains of this day.

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