On the day by day of the immigrant, there is a feeling that appears from time to time. Appears when an affection, is remembered as the friends or family members who remained, as it recalls a landscape or a meal. It is a yearning or nostalgia for the Chileans, Argentines and Peruvians, the “ticià” for Bolivians, “el gorrión” for the Cuban and “guayabo” for Venezuelans. The Spaniards say “morriña”. They are many ways to qualify a sadness that sometimes can paralyze the immigrant.

It is necessary to overcome nostalgia and move forward. We must learn to see the beauty of the new day, the adventure of the new flavors of the landscapes. Sometimes, as he says the famous phrase of Rabindranath Tagore “if you cry because you can not see the sun, the tears will prevent you from seeing the stars”

Missing friends of the country of origin, but there are an infinite amount of new friends to make. Perhaps the parents and siblings are not close, but there is a huge family to choose: those special friends who gradually are becoming so close that they end up being like brothers. There are flavors that are discover, and even to invent. There are dishes of our countries that is necessary to recreate, sometimes with new ingredients, so that our children have the opportunity to combine your culinary memory, of their ancestors. We must teach them to cook those dishes, so that at the same time, their children can follow the thread and the family tradition.

This is how you shouldn’t let yourself be overcome by longing. You have to accept it and understand it, but must charge new forces and move on. And do not fail to see the beauty of the stars that cover the sky. Without forgetting, of course, that the sun always rises at dawn, and that with creativity, joy and illusions, even the most complex can be simple.

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