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The adventure of the immigrant is source of inspiration for books, songs and, of course, movies. Of itself, the day of the immigrant includes a fact which is essential in the best stories: the trip, leaving behind a life to start a new one in another place, the leap into the unknown, into the adventure. The immigrant is the hero of more than one story, and Hollywood does not pass the opportunity to tell more than one story on this subject.

The immigrant (Charles Chaplin, 1917), the Godfather 2 (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974), Green Card (Peter Weir, 1990), the ashes of Angela (Alan Parker, 1999), my big Greek wedding (Joel Zwik, 2002), among many other films, tell stories of travel, uprooting and adaptation, and how to reinvent themselves in a new country.

The theme is infinite and will continue giving rise to new stories. There are many pages for writing, many films by filming. Immigrants are reinvented, grow and collaborate with the growth of the country, and that is already an adventure. And the film industry will continue to produce films that take this into account.

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