Maria de Lourdes Sobrino is founder and CEO of Lulu’s Dessert ® Corporation. Established in 1982, Lulu’s Dessert ®, is positioned as one of the companies of Hispanic owner of faster growth in the United States. Such as Jim Hopkins of USA Today wrote, it is “the Queen of the ready-to-eat gelatin and a leader in the growing number of Hispanic entrepreneurs.”

Born and raised in the city of Mexico, the first business of the Ms. Sobrino was focused to the tourism industry. then she expanded her business into a travel agency, which grew so fast that it decided to open a branch in Los Angeles. In 1982 Ms. Sobrino had to close her business due to the unstable economic conditions in Mexico, however his entrepreneurial spirit became stronger and began exploring other ideas that loved him.

It was then when Ms. Sobrino thought of the idea of a gelatin of ready to eat, while he pondered on what could be a popular dessert for United States and at the same time was distinctive of its Mexico. The concept was original to the United States and was a novelty introduced in California stores. What Ms. Sobrino did was to recognize a need, met her and revolutionized the food industry by creating the first ready-to-eat, gelatin based on the original recipe of his mother. Production of initial 300 cups of gelatine a day Lulu’s Dessert ® has overcome numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of the leading brands in the area of ready-to-eat desserts.

She currently works for the Cabinet of advisors of the Anna Maria Arias Foundation in Washington, D.C., as well as in the TECMA of Orange County, the NHBWA and Ángeles of Promexico, California.

In her first book “Thriving Latin Entrepreneurs in America” Ms. Sobrino shares its history along with of other 7 outstanding Latinas and their success in business. The book is available at Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes Noble and other bookstores in the country.

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