Investor Visas

The United States welcomes people that can contribute to the financial and cultural well being of the country. In particular, people who wish to come to the USA to invest in its economy, to manage an investment or start and operate a business and create jobs, are most welcomed. There are several visas designed specifically for these investors and they are available according to country and sometimes number limitations. To determine your eligibility for this type of visa, you should first speak with a South Florida immigration lawyer from our Sariol Legal Immigration team. Click here to set up an appointment or to contact us.

  • Treaty Country Visas E1 – E2
  • EB-5 Visas
  • L1 Visas

Benefit from Our Knowledge of the Federal Immigration System

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) currently enforces strict regulations regarding documentation and various requirements for investor visas. In order to ensure that your immigration process will be professionally and properly handled it is important that you work with Sariol Legal Immigration Centers as soon as possible. Our firm has knowledge of the various workings of the immigration system, and when you obtain the assistance of our firm, we can greatly increase your chance of your application being approved. We stay abreast of various reforms, including the Immigration Reform Bill and the EB-5 amendment to the bill, which was recently voted on to become permanent. If you are looking to obtain investor visa, speak with Sariol Legal today.

Investor visas are granted to individuals who are looking to enter into the United States to manage, work with, or control investments, including startup businesses and other ventures. These visas are considered employment-based visas.

To determine your eligibility for an investor visa, you must qualify by:

  • Proving that you are a citizen of a participating treaty country
  • Show an investment in an American enterprise and / or the economy
  • Be an employee of a foreign company who is looking to engage in an executive position within a company
  • Be an employee who has already accepted a role for employment at the company in question

Of course, each individual investor and employee seeking a visa will have a unique situation, and in order to ensure that you gain access to the country, it is important that you work with a South Florida and California immigration lawyer from our team. We can provide you with information about E1 and E2 visas, EB-5 visas, as well as L1 visas.

Do you need information about how to obtain a visa?

At Sariol Legal Immigration Centers, we know that the laws and regulations involving visas can be difficult to understand. Without the guidance of an experienced attorney, you could be facing an uphill battle when filing your visa application. If you are looking to immigrate to the United States for employment related purposes, we encourage you to speak with a South Florida and California employment visa lawyer from Sariol Legal today.

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