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There are a number of basic considerations that should be considered when choosing the best destination to start a new life project.

In addition to the logical cultural, social and economic differences between countries, there are other factors for the analysis of the competitive advantages of each possible host nation: required occupations, labor laws, open to immigration and opportunities and working conditions for foreigners, among many other factors.

Cultural empathy
Each country has its own nature, customs and rules of coexistence in society. It is important to know in detail the cultural elements that define and distinguish the country in which you want to work. For example, elements such as the domain of language, even the weather could make more difficult the road. The information obtained about the chosen destination will be timely, as it will allow to establish projections of what life on the outside.

Quality of life in general
It is important to select a country with optimal levels of social and economic well-being. They should evaluate and compare factors such as political stability, inflation, taxes, access to education, the quality of public services and the levels of personal safety.

Situation of the labour market
Get a good job, that will fill all the professional expectations, is the ideal location for all new immigrant. Therefore it is recommended to analyse labour market and real opportunities that we have of getting a job in the trade or occupation which is possessed.

Accordingly, it should be verified whether the occupation of the future immigrant is required in the country of destination.

The immigrant must also decide how much it is willing to sacrifice in terms of employment, in order to achieve and maintain economic stability. For example, should evaluate if you are willing to change their profession or to accept a position with lower level that is owned in the country of origin.

The handling of languages
It is another important consideration to evaluate. If the future immigrant should learn one or two foreign languages, you must take into account that the level reached in the new language or in the new languages will be a critical factor when looking for employment. The biggest and better command of the language will possess, the greater the possibility of access to good jobs.

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