Family-Based Immigration Visas

If you are a lawful permanent resident who is currently residing in the United States, you may be eligible to bring your family stateside with the assistance of Sariol Legal. Our firm is aware that you may have questions and concerns regarding the eligibility of your family to enter the United States, and we can provide you with answers and solutions in a diligent and professional manner. There are various types of visas that are available to families, and when you work with our team, we can determine which is best for you and your unique family dynamic.

Family visas can be difficult to understand, and anytime a person’s family is involved in an international case, emotions can run high. We encourage you to retain the counsel of our talented immigration team as soon as possible. When you retain the representation of a South Florida immigration lawyer from Sariol Legal, we can thoroughly review your situation and determine which visa is right for you.

You may be eligible for the following types of visas depending on your situation:

K Visas

K visas are granted to fiancés of United States citizens who are currently residents of foreign countries. This visa allows the foreign national to enter the United States, marry, and become a lawful permanent resident.

F1 Visas — Unmarried Children of United States Citizens

Unmarried children of United States citizens may be granted access to the country under F1 visas. These visas are limited to approximately 23,000 per year, so it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to increase your chances of your application being successfully processed.

F2A Visas — Spouse — Children of Lawful Permanent Residents

Spouses and children of lawful permanent residents may be granted F2A visas. These visas are limited to only 114,200 a year, and Sariol Legal Immigration Centers can help ensure that your application is completed correctly to increase your family’s chance of gaining access to the country.

F2B Visas — Single Children of Lawful Permanent Residents Under 21

Unmarried children of lawful permanent residents may be apply for F2B visas with the assistance of an attorney from Sariol Legal Immigration Centers. We can determine your child’s eligibility to file a petition for access to the United States and help you throughout the legal process.

F3 Visas — Married Children of United States Citizens

These visas are given to married sons and daughters of current lawful permanent United States residents. Visas and applications are limited, so it is important that you work with a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

F4 Visas — Siblings of Adult United States Citizens

If you are a lawful United States citizen and you want to have your siblings join you in the country, you may be able to sponsor them for F4 visas. These visas are also limited, so it is important that you speak with an attorney.

Parents of United States Citizens

United States citizens who have parents living abroad as foreign nationals may be able to obtain a visa for their parents to enter into the United States. If you have questions or concerns about the visas, contact Sariol Legal Immigration Centers today.

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