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It must be remembered that immigration issues, the US government does not provide a lawyer in any case, even when you have to appear in court and can not afford one because there is no money.

When choosing a lawyer is the best thing

But there will be situations in which it is best to enlist the help of a professional to help you to timely file all the necessary paperwork and to represent, if necessary, to the immigration authorities or court.

Also, keep in mind that immigration laws change frequently, and what worked for a relative or acquaintance a few years ago may no longer apply to you, even if they are very similar.


Ask: ask about lawyers among their family, friends and coworkers. Everyone who has used the services of an immigration attorney has a good or bad review.

Eliminate the receiving reasonable criticisms and make a list with recommended. See also with a couple of organizations that defend the rights of immigrants as they can offer valuable tips.

Demand: is better than the lawyer to take your case to engage in migration issues and not a “specialist in everything.” But make sure there is a mega specialist in an immigration issue that has nothing to do with you. For example, some may help you if your area of ​​expertise is the political asylum if what you need is to get a Green Card for your family.

Check: check with the bar association in your state -Bar Association- to make sure the lawyer that you wish to have all relevant licenses and has not been sanctioned for unprofessional behavior.

It should be noted that the so-called immigration consultants and notaries not legally operate in all states and the USCIS does not consider people with ability to represent you before the Administration or in Court, although they can fill out forms.

Compare: many lawyers will offer the opportunity to have a free first appointment. Take the opportunity to meet with a few. The lawyer should give you confidence. You should feel comfortable to explain his case well and give all questions to consider necesarias.Debe be clear about your tariff, how it works, what it is your experience and how and will communicate during the case.

Choose the best: do not be swayed by the impulse to choose a lawyer from the country of origin or one who speaks Spanish for those reasons. Simply choose the one you think is the best to take your case. If you are not comfortable speaking English and lawyer who likes not speak Spanish ask for the help of an interpreter. Today it is very common for immigration law offices have at least one person to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers.

Money Matters: do not choose a lawyer only because it is the one that works cheaper. Sometimes what you pay but choose not to asking the higher fees for that reason alone. Compare prices and services, expertise and care offered to change and choose what seems more reasonable. And be clear whether it will charge a flat fee or we will charge by the hour and, in the latter case, how the steps are counted.

You’re the boss: once you have a lawyer, trust your choice. But if you honestly believe that you made a mistake with his choice and does not put enough attention to you or that you miss important notifications or unresponsive to calls within a reasonable time, consider fire him and hire another professional.

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