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In the past are the days when the job growth rate was directly proportional to the academic level of the candidates. Recent studies by the Office of official statistics of the United States have shown that I doctorates; between the years 2010 and 2020, compared with people who possess titles of graduates, masters graduates of associate degree courses (or technical courses) represent the item with the highest rate of growth registered, followed by young people who have just finished high school or High School. In fact, expected a 35 increase in demand than those who have ownership of associate degree; as well as also an increase in the minimum wage of these professionals up to 14 thousand 631 dollars annually. Amazing, no?

Below, we present further details that stand out within the research, so you take a look at the type of growth rate expected in different professions. Research thoroughly, so you determines what your potential areas of interest and have a clear picture of what you would like to make the rest of your life. It is never too late to return to the classroom and change your career, but before you take that step, knows how and where to get the ideal job:

Estimated growth of vacancies between 2010 and 2020 (by level of education):

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent: 1.037.100A

Associate degree: 1.143.600

Degree: 1.014.100

Master: 156.200

PhD: 244.200

Best paid jobs (2010-2020):

Veterinary Technician: Evaluates and preparing animals for laboratory diagnosis and treatment exams
Growth rate of a 52

US27.910 annual wages

121.900 jobs estimates for 2020

Medical Sonographer: Performs ultrasound to produce images that contribute to the diagnosis of patients
Growth rate of a 44

US64.380 annual wages

77,100 jobs estimates for 2020

Dental Hygienist: Cleans and polishes teeth, examines gums, takes x-rays and tracks patients.
Growth rate of a 38

US68.250 annual wages

250.300 jobs for 2020

Preschool teacher: Guide to children so that they will develop basic learning techniques
Growth rate of 25

US25.700 annual wages

570.400 jobs for 2020

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