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As a young practitioner, I always had a passion for immigration as I am an immigrant myself. Having been born in Cuba, I escaped Castro’s communist stronghold at the very young age of 11. I left the island with my older sister, BUT WITHOUT either of my parents. We were taken in by aunts and uncles that had already left Cuba, and lived with them until my parents came almost ONE YEAR LATER! Since we left with only the clothes on our back and the 22 lbs. of personal belongings allowed per person, our transition was a tough one. I remember the anxiety my sister and I went through wondering what was to become of us in this new land we had been exiled to. I also remember the expectation, hope and optimism we experienced as the wonderful people in our new country took us in and nurtured us.

No experience can be more meaningful and life changing than what I lived through the first few years of my new life in the USA. This is why I have such a passion for Immigration Law…


I chose my career in Immigration Law as I have always wanted to help people in a positive way. What can be more positive than helping someone start a new life in this wonderful country of ours…in the GREAT USA! Immigration law requires passion, knowledge, persistency and experience. When I decided to practice Immigration Law I knew I had the passion and the will to persevere. I also knew I could get the knowledge and experience through dedication and hard work.   My law school education provided me with the legal basis that was needed for me to competently represent my clients, even at a very young “lawyer age”.  After I came into the real world and realized that the basics were not going to be enough to “excel” in my field, I immediately joined professional associations such as AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) and have kept active in the never-ending learning process that Immigration practice requires…no wonder they call it “the practice of law”.    Learning makes a person wise and keeps the person at the forefront of his career. For me, learning and staying on top of changes in the law, new legal theories and technical innovations is mandatory if one is going to provide top quality legal work.

A great deal of my professional time is spent reading, learning and attending seminars in order to keep up with an ever changing legal world. I owe it to my clients to enhance my knowledge and to keep up with changes.

When I wake up every day, I look forward to meeting my next new client with problems and challenges that someone with my experience, knowledge, passion and perseverance can help offer to help them find a solution. Seeing the end results of families successfully becoming US permanent residents, citizens or obtaining visas to be in the country legally, gives me a tremendous deal of satisfaction.

When I take on an immigration client, I treat him/her as a family member that I am trying to help. My client is NOT just a number but someone that I know is having feelings and anxieties similar to those that I experienced as a young boy in this country.

Personally, my values are rooted deeply in an old fashion way of handling life’s challenges. When it comes to my profession and dealing with clients, I place the well-being, results and interests of my clients first.   I value high quality work and excellent servicekeeping promises made to my clients, even if on a hand shake …. and doing what is right even when no one is looking. There is an old saying in my country of birth that I live by… “When making decisions in life, make them to make your mother proud!”


I understand you want to open a new chapter of your life and make a new beginning for you and your family and I’m dedicated to achieving the results you want and helping you resolve your immigration issue. My over 26 years of experience back the quality representation I offer my clients. The advice and recommendations you receive from a lawyer are only as good as the attorney you retain. You should seek counsel from an attorney who has extensive experience handling the type of matter you face. That is the job that I am applying for!

I am a proud member of the California Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) for individuals with immigration issues.

  • California, 1989
  • U.S. Federal Courts, 1989
  • U.S. 9th District Court Central District of California, 1989
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of California
  • U.S. 9th District Court Eastern District of California
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of California
  • U.S. 9th District Court Northern District of California
  • U.S. 11th District Court
  • J.D. – 1988
  • B.S. – 1972
  • Major: Engineering Mechanical Aerospace
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Member, Breast Implant Litigation Group, 1989 – Present
  • AAJ (American Association for Justice), Member
  • CTLA (California Trial Lawyer Association), Member
  • Cuban-American Bar Association, Orange County Chapter, Founding President
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Member, 2007 – Present
  • California Department of Real Estate, Broker, 2004 – Present
  • Swallow’s Foundation, Founding Member, 1993 – Present
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association, Member, 1990 – Present
  • Orange County Cuban American Bar Association, Founding President, 1990 – Present
  • Federal District Court – 9th District – Central & Northern Divisions, Member, 1989 – Present
  • Federal District Court – 11th District – Member, 2013 – Present
  • Orange County Bar Association, Member, 1989 – Present
  • California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, Member, 1992 – 2009
  • California Paso Fino Horse Association, President, 1994 – 1996
  • Paso Fino Horse Association, Director, 1994 – 1996
  • English
  • Spanish
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