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At Sariol Legal Immigration Centers in Santa Ana, California, Doral and Miami, Florida, our mission is to assist you in finding a solution to your immigration needs. We are experienced attorneys with more than 25 years helping the immigrant find a solution to their visa requirements, defending deportation proceedings and filing appeals in the appropriate courts on behalf of our clients.

The staff at Sariol Legal Immigration Centers is comprised of immigrants that have endured the long and sometimes tedious process of becoming a Legal Permanent Resident, United States Citizen or legal non-immigrant visa holder. We understand the emotions of our clients; we know the law to make sure our efforts lead to positive results; we are aggressive in our representation of our clients.

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At Sariol Legal Immigration Centers, we understand the stress and uncertainty that our clients face. Throughout the pendency of your case, we will be there providing support and legal assistance as you or your case needs it. We will prepare your case quickly, accurately and efficiently in order to reach a resolution as quickly as possible. At Sariol Legal Immigration Centers, we understand that every day you spend waiting adds to your anxiety and stress level. For this reason we work quickly and efficiently to obtain results for you.

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Before you commit yourself to working with a lawyer or law firm, we offer you the opportunity to speak with Attorney Frank R. Sariol of Sariol Legal Immigration Centers, for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your future in the United States deserves the best legal representation you can get. You will see the difference when you consult with us.

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Frank R. Sariol, Esq., is licensed to practice law in the State of California, in Federal Immigration Courts in all 50 states and in the 9th and 11th Districts of Federal Courts. Florida practice is limited to immigration matters.”

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