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As it happens to all human beings, during the process of development and growth, both personal and professional, experienced ups and downs. However, it seems that the achievements that have as an immigrant are particularly notorious and much more striking than the mistakes.

  1. Everything that happens in our lives is the result of our choices. As humans we tend to often blame others for what happens to us. The problem with doing this is that we learn from our mistakes and, as a result, we turn to commit again and again. So my first suggestion is to pay attention to your decision-making process.
  2. The titles and positions reached NOT define who we are. Having this course allows us to understand to start from several rungs below where we came from is just one step in our success story and not at all mean that we do not have the skills or we lost our value as professionals or worse, as people. This brings me to my next point.
  3. Being HUMBLE makes us bigger. Many people believe that being humble means be humiliated. That’s not humility, that is lack of self-esteem. Being humble means understanding and not assume that we know everything and, therefore, we have much to learn from everyone around us, and each experience. Open to learning puts us in a better position because when we learn, evolve.
  4. Our focus should always be on the positive. When we focus on what we have won, instead of constantly look what we have lost, we are filled with energy, optimism and enthusiasm to move forward and overcome obstacles that arise. Negatives should only serve as learning because otherwise we will not have the courage or the strength to go on. This is what I mean when I say many times that we create our reality. Establish clear and measurable goals. What we want to achieve as individuals and as professionals? What we hope to achieve in our new stage of life? How important it is for us that we want to achieve? Why it is or is not important? Having clear and precise answers to these questions and many others will enable us to clear our north and facilitate our process of adapting to a new country and / or a new circumstance. When we know what we want, then we can align our actions toward our final destination.
  5. It is essential to have a plan. As professionals we know perfectly well how important it is to design a plan of action. Almost daily we talk about business plans, marketing, sales, labor and you stop counting. However, we forget to make plans to achieve our personal goals. And when I talk about personal goals also I include our career goals. Having a personal action plan offers the same benefits offered by professional plans: resource optimization, performance measurement, make necessary adjustments when things are not going well, greater clarity on the way forward, risk reduction, greater chance of achievement and last but not least, satisfaction to achieve the objective.
  6. DISCIPLINE, but without stiffness. Finally, they are disciplined and persevering is key to achieving the objectives. However, we must be open and flexible enough to adjust the sails when the wind changes direction. This opening will allow us to seize opportunities that arise and circumvent threats that appear along the way.


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